About ROI Experts Advisors

ROI Expert Advisors™ is the leading business referral organization for Real Estate-Centric Professionals.

ROI Expert Advisors™ is a purposeful community of like-minded real estate professionals, firms and organizations working together through multidisciplinary teamwork, to develop an overwhelming marketplace advantage built on friendship, trust and genuine relationships.

Why we exist

  • To build extraordinary Word of Mouth and help our partners gain an unfair advantage over their competition in the marketplace

Core Values

  • Gratitude, Optimism and Positivity that inspires others
  • Integrity in all that we do
  • Excellence in every area of life and business
  • Relationships – Mutually beneficial, win-win relationships

Qualifications we seek and maintain

  • 2 years or more (full time) experience in field of expertise
  • History of success in endeavors
  • Teachable (always learning)
  • Entrepreneurial drive (growth mentality)
  • Quick to Respond
  • Consistently deliver excellent service (overall client experience)
  • Well connected within the community