Welcome to ROI Expert Advisors,  Your Marketplace Advantage!

ROI Expert Advisors™ is the leading business referral organization for Real Estate-Centric Professionals. ROI Expert Advisors™ is a purposeful community of like-minded real estate professionals, firms and organizations working together through multidisciplinary teamwork, to develop an overwhelming marketplace advantage built on friendship, trust and genuine relationships. ROI Expert Advisors™ is a networking concept that is centered on the real estate agent and the home ownership space. We have taken traditional networking concepts and made them specific to the real estate agent and his/her needs for building out a network that will create hundreds of thousands of dollars in income.

That is why Brent Gove, the number one agent in EXP wth 30,000 agents on his team, highly recommends ROI to his agents. Brent has said that building an ROI group can mean an extra $250,000 or $500,000 a year in income for the ambitious agent!

So, if these qualifications are a fit with you, we would love to welcome you to the ROI team:

  • 2 years or more (full time) experience in real estate
  • History of success in endeavors
  • Teachable (always learning)
  • Entrepreneurial drive (growth mentality)
  • Quick to Respond
  • Consistently deliver excellent service (overall client experience)
  • Well connected within the community

One last thing. After you sign up for the ROI Training, please note that you have 60 days in which to build a group of ten paid partners. When you do, we will refund your entire training fee! So the ROI group costs you absolutely nothing. Plus, we will never charge you a monthly due or fee for the group. You are our partner – the agent leader.

There you go! Watch the videos below and then register for your on-demand training and we will see you on the other side!

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2-Minute Overview

A Message From the Founders of ROI

We are excited that you are joining ROI Expert Advisors as an agent.

The standard training cost is $797, but for a limited time you can sign up for $400 off, for a total of $397. Fully refundable if you build a group of at least 10 partners within 60 days.

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ROI Expert Advisors has had an immense impact on my business, but more importantly, my life. Being around like minded entrepreneurial people once a week is extremely good for anyone. These are not glass half-empty or half-full people, but the glass is refillable forever kinds of people! We brainstorm about the upcoming year on how to be better for our clients while also trying to improve our bottom line and profitability. So far to date, in less than 2 months, the group has over 12 people and we have had at least 25 leads passed in the last 7 weeks. Some of these referrals will be in excess of 100K in business between group members. This kind of gathering by like-minded business people is invaluable to everyone in the group. I see ROI adding 20 – 30% increase in my Real Estate business in the coming year. Even more, I value the friendships from this group that will last a lifetime.

Nick DeVito

EXP Realtor, Chagrin Falls, Ohio